Mon - Sat 5:45am-7pm, Sunday CLOSED


Park Avenue Lane, Coffs Harbour, NSW, 2450


About Us

Who We Are And What We Do

Find your zen...

Need a fun way to find your “zen” in the middle of the Coffs CBD, discover something new about yourself or the world around you? Perhaps you are an athlete dying for a stretch or a yogi who desires a community to connect with? Maybe you’re a parent dying for some ‘me-time’ or working in an office where you need an escape…

At Om Yeah Yoga we will sweat, bend and sit in stillness to get to know ourselves and the world around us a bit better.


Why should I yoga?

Practicing yoga could add so many benefits to your life. It’s great for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

When you need a pick-me-up it’s tempting to get a beer, order a pizza or treat yourself to some new shoes when you feel a bit low, but practicing yoga every day could transform your mood (and your health) in more ways than you could imagine. (SO, buy those shoes, order that pizza, and have that beer, but come to yoga first 😛 )

Here are some other reasons to come to yoga:

  • improve your flexibility
  • add it to your exisiting training to help release muscles
  • better fitness
  • weightloss
  • reduce stress
  • increase happiness
  • improve sleep
  • help you to breathe better
  • increase body and spacial awareness
  • become more mindful
  • improve concentration and help you to think clearly
  • live longer

Or come in and ask us , why we , at Om Yeah dedicate our lives to sharing yoga with the community, we would love to chat. 🙂

What to expect from an Om Yeah Yoga class

Classes at Om Yeah will vary- but what you can expect is a calming, nurturing environment in an industrial like space to help you find that inner city escape. You will be lead through different asanas (poses and stretches), closing your eyes (at times) and focussing on breathing to release your mind and body. The teacher will decide on the order and the focus, and music to match, depending on the style of that class. There will often be variations for asanas to match your body and experience. Mats are available for hire and all you have to do is rock up, wear your comfy clothes and be taken on a journey to zen town.

* there will probably be candles, nice smells, mood lighting, free tea and water, good vibes, smiles, and a place to leave your shoes