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Ommm Yeah Open Day!

Thank you Sam from Co Author Design & Media this video perfectly captures the vibe of both the Open Day and Om Yeah Yoga. WE ARE FUN. WE ARE BOLD. WE BEND SO WE DONT BREAK. WE TRY NEW THINGS. WE DONT TAKE OURSELVES TOO SERIOUSLY. We do take - chilling to the max, good music, food and vibes seriously. Hope you all enjoy this beautiful video! Featuring the debut tunes of Simon and Angus featuring special guests Lee Dyball and Lucas Nav & food from Chocdaisy . Thank you to everyone who came and made the day so FUN. We definitely warmed up the Park Ave Laneway up on this wintery weekend. Thank you everyone who taught, and shared their yoga practice with us yesterday. From the 6am chill flow to the 8:30 class...