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om yeah yoga - Eden Hookway-Jones

Yoga Teacher & Studio Director

Eden has completed her 200 hours YTT in India and another 70 hours of Yin YTT, as she wanted to deepen her own practice and share with the wider community how yoga has changed her life. She is passionate about helping people get to know themselves and create a balanced lifestyle. She teaches intentional, and heart centred dynamic flows. Her warm, fun and non-judgemental energy can guide you to find your zen or gain more strength no matter where you've come from or where you're going.


Your Intention - Ebony Zander

Yoga Teacher / Reiki, Massage, Crystal & Sound Therapist

With the desire to escape the daily grind and live an abundant life led from the heart, at 28 Ebony began questioning all that she knew and took her personal health, healing and growth into her own hands. Ebony is a 500 hour certified Vinyasa, Hatha and Yin Asana teacher, registered with Yoga Alliance. Her journey with yoga began in her teens and after more than 15 years practicing, she decided to deepen her knowledge and personal practice, venturing to the birthplace of yoga, India, for her first teacher training in 2018. While her journey started as personal, her passion for sharing yoga was ignited and she has been teaching ever since. Her nurturing and caring nature allows all levels of students to feel guided with confidence through their asana, pranayama and meditation practice. For the past 5 years Ebony has been exploring, experiencing and learning different types of healing modalities including Reiki, Yoga, Crystal Therapy, Sacred Plant Medicines, Sound Therapy, Essential Oils and Massage. Her passion for supporting others with connecting to their mind, body and soul has led to her developing offerings that leave one feeling aligned, attuned and in balance. Based in Australia, during her downtime Ebony loves being in nature, enjoying the sunshine and connecting with all that Mother Earth has to offer. You can catch Ebony at classes within the Sangha Space @ om yeah yoga and book a one to healing session too via: @your_intention or


Yoga With Frances

Yoga Teacher

Yoga found Frances Mercer at 17. During her travels, Frances explored many different styles ranging from Traditional Hatha, Hot Yoga, Oki do (japanese style) to Kundalini Yoga. Frances has always been involved in health and healing with a particular attraction to somatic body based practices. After working for many years as a Remedial MassageTherapist, Frances Began YTT as a live in student at Satyanda Ashram in Mangrove Mt NSW, this time fuelled Frances passion for chanting and Kirtan. Went on to complete 200 hrs YTT at Samadhi Bliss in Sydney – A Jivamukti based training rich in all aspects of yoga, with a particular focus on vinyasa style. On Becoming mama to 2 wild sweet girls, Frances focussed on self practice – in the early years mostly chanting whilst breastfeeding. During the last 6 ish yrs Frances has been offering Yoga Class over the Coffs Coast. The most rewarding aspect of sharing yoga is the community we co create together. Frances classes are welcoming, cozy and friendly vibe, expect giggles, dance moves, some times tears of release, tea parties are had and the collective energy and support is a highlight to our little family. Frances's style has shifted and developed with changing needs as a busy mama, the main shift is a slowing down and really being present with self, right here right now. Classes are suitable for Everybody and focus on grounding, soothing and calming the nervous system, sinking deep into self and activating our joy and vitality in playful lighthearted ways. Particularly suitable for beginners and those living with ongoing health issues, recovering from surgery, pre n post natal. The use of supportive props including chairs, bolsters and blocks helps students feel more ease and accessibility in many poses and yogic practices. Frances has continuously studied different approaches to Yoga attending workshops and immersing herself in private study. Currently slowly studying Qoya a fusion of Yoga, freestyle dance and ritual for woman. Frances is teaching 2 weekly Gentle Yoga classes from Om Yeah.


MellowTribe Yoga - Alli Jaye

Yoga Teacher

Mellow Tribe Yoga</p> <p>MellowTribe Yoga Coffs Harbour, founder by OG Coffs Harbour resident, Alli Jaye. MellowTribe Yoga has the intention to enhance the rawness within individuals to enhance our community members to lead a life that encourages health, continual growth, strengthening, life balance & flexibility using breath & movement. MellowTribe Yoga (MTY), encourages the community to flow as one & dazzle with a more consistent feeling of feeling good. Flowing in the heart space of love, MellowTribe Yoga works on individual & group levels to promote lasting wellness that moves with you, on and off the mat & into our daily lives. MellowTribe Yoga supports the health & wellness of individual minds as a tool to guide you to let go of unwanted stiffness, negative thought patterns, to create a body & mind that is clear, calm, flexible & happy. Alli Jaye has been practicing yoga across the globe since 2014. With a big heart and a strong love for yoga, Alli has embraced the benefits in which practicing yoga has positively impacted on her life and how it has since evolved. Alli was currently living in London at the time when she looked at her future more broadly and questioned herself on how she would like it to look. A month later she found herself in Indonesia, Nusa Lemobongan, pursuing her new life direction to become an Alliance Trained and Certified Yoga Teacher. Alli found herself teaching yoga in Bali, Vietnam, Sunshine Coast, Telo Islands Indonesia and for the past year, Coffs Harbour. One year prior, Alli experienced a horrific accident that left her an unexpected gift of recovery. During this time, Alli was faced with many lessons that included: retraining her body to move, learning to be humble, compassion & unafraid of where her dreams might take her. She met Eden, owner of the newly named Sangha Space in the evening of her first moment of finding her way back home, to her mat. Alli Says: “My path of yoga has extended among many perimeters to help guide the knowledge I need, to be able to provide the tools of a physical, mindset & potentially a lifestyle change. Yoga helped me recover my body that was helpless, into a body that is strong, and a mind that resembles love, strength and freedom. I am hoping, during my time here at Sangha Space, with my business MellowTribe Yoga, I hope for you to experience a transition just like I did. I have all the time in the world to help assist other human beings to take care of their physical, mental & spiritual health, to become more in tune with their body and mind.” Take a look at her class descriptions to find your yogi Tribe - catch her on the mat in the sangha space at om yeah 🙂


YoungYogis Yoga - Rebecca Wilson

Youth & Kids Yoga Teacher

Young Yogis Yoga is a Children & Family Yoga service here to support you. With weekly children’s classes, monthly family classes, school holiday workshops & programs for school and services. Young Yogis believe’s when children have better understanding of their bodies and minds they have better understanding of themselves. Childhood is some of the most significant years of life. When children are young they are creating their own neurological pathways of how they see themselves, how they see the world and how they behave and manage life situations. When children feel acknowledge, supported and seen, they feel safe to learn and grow! What's powerful about Young Yogis classes is it combines the physical, mental and emotional health all in one practice! We aim to build strength in our bodies and strength in ourselves. I cant wait to love, laugh and connect with you all.