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Om Yeah Yoga / I Am So Loved affirmation deck

I Am So Loved affirmation deck




I Am So Loved affirmation deck | Hand drawn Illustrations | By Sophie Hallam | You Are So Loved

    • Handmade
    • Materials: 300 GSM paper
    • Height: 14.8 centimetres
    • Width: 10.5 centimetres

⋒ Ways to use the cards ⋒

. Shuffle the cards and pull a random card out without looking. Treat the affirmation on that card as something the Universe is telling you to focus on.

. Look through the affirmation cards in the morning. Select a few that you would like to focus on this day/week/month. Place them in visible places, so whenever your eye meets the card randomly, you read the affirmation.

. Affirmation cards can be treated as postcards – feel free to gift them to friends and family.

. Carry a card or two that speaks to you in your bag or wallet. Affirmation cards are imbedded with positive energies of the affirmations, as they were created while I was focusing strongly on the affirmation written.

– Cards can also be used simply as artworks – if you like the look of it, stick it on a wall.

Handcrafted and hand illustrated DECK OF 12. To let you know that you are loved, to help you love yourself, to make you smile.

By a young Australian author that believes in the healing of self-love. Thank you for choosing to support a small artist.

So much love and light, Sophie x


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